4 Things You Don’t Need To Pack While Travelling

Admittedly, we all seem to have some crisis while packing. The question of “should I take this or just leave it to create space for something else in my backpack?” would always pop up as we try to make sure we pack up ever thing we need so we don’t end up being red faced at the realisation that you forgot or intentionally left behind something that turned out to be very important at our vacation destinations. These things could range from stuffs like cardigans to cameras and even shampoo.

However, while we are at this, we tend to over pack in a bid to be fully equipped and ready for whatever comes your way be it a grizzly bear or a white walker. So below are some things you absolutely do not need to pack while travelling:

  1. Shampoo and Soap

Well except if you use a type of shampoo or soap that can’t be gotten elsewhere in the world and using anything else would be harmful to your body or hair, you have no business loading your backpack with these items.

They would definitely be made available at you at the hotel or lodge where you would be staying or be available for purchase at stores if you will be staying at, say, a cabin.


  1. Hairdryer

Except if you plan on making some extra cash blowing dry people’s hair, why do you need a hairdryer except to take up valuable space in your backpack?

There are hotels who have hairdryers equipped in their rooms. If you are on a business trip and have the need to look smart and your very best always, you should consider staying in one of these hotels rather than going through the stress of bringing your own hairdryer.

Also, to avoid blowing fuses at your travel destination due to wrong voltage given off by your hairdryer, you definitely have to drop that appliance at home and use the one at your accommodation or let your hair be air dried if your accommodation doesn’t have a hair dryer.


  1. All Your Gadgets

No one needs to see all the gadgets you have at home, one of the reasons for travelling is to keep you from them and let you enjoy nature a little bit.

So, if you aren’t a professional writer or photographer whose job is to document every, and all aspects of their travel, I see no reason why you should bother packing things like a camera and a laptop. Also, with the advancement of technology now, you can now take high definition pictures and do other things all with a mobile phone albeit the right one.

So basically, all the gadgets you need is your phone and its accessories, and maybe your portable PlayStation.


  1. Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Are you travelling for a fashion show? No? Why then are you packing a dozen pair of shoes for a week’s travel? Are you a Kardashian? Come on!

All you really need is at most three pair of shoes carefully picked for the occasions and events you are going to engage in during your vacation. If you would be climbing mountains or hiking, take a pair of fitting boots, likewise if you would be doing a lot of running during your stay there.


Well, that’s all she wrote. Heed this article’s advice and you would find your backpack with a whole lot more space to pack other important things. Ciao!

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