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Things to Know When Travelling With Children

Holiday is always a moment to look forward to among children. The singular fact that they would be free from hectic school work even though if is it is for a short time guvs them a great relief and it is something they just cannot wait to happen. In fact, they start reminding their parents […]

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How Thailand escaped colonization

Before we start, here’s a quick fun tip for the road, Thailand was not always called Thailand. The Asian country was initially named Siam until the year 1939 when the name was changed to what we all know now. Good, now that we’ve gotten that over and done with, let’s talk about the day’s topic. […]

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Tips for taking your girlfriend to Thailand

Going to Thailand, and you are taking your girlfriend with you? Then you might want to know all the things that you can do and visit with your girl to make this an experience that you both won’t forget. There are many people that won’t consider Thailand is a romantic place that you can take […]

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